CSSE Roadshow

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The CSSE Roadshow features VCSU Computer Systems and Software Engineering professors and students presenting on IT Career Awareness in your classroom. Topics within the presentation include Information Technology skills and degrees required for given positions, day-to-day work responsibilities, and average salaries of those employed in these careers. The presentation would include a live, interactive presentation of the materials answering: “What is IT?,” “What do IT people do ?,” and “Does IT include a future for you?.” Additional material will include information and videos found at http://www.Code.org with the emphasis on career awareness. An interactive activity demonstrating problem-solving skills that apply to software engineers and IT professionals is included. The entire presentation will last about 40 minutes with time for questions at the end.

There is a strong demand for employees in these fields as demonstrated in the ITCND State of the IT Industry Guide. We want to help inform students of the opportunities and are looking to present in the junior high to senior high classrooms in the areas of IT, engineering, math, science, and/or computer systems.

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