Our Programs

We create a supportive, encouraging, and challenging learning environment. This motivates students to learn, experiment, and focus on goals with the confidence of being enrolled in a strong academic program dedicated to continuous improvement.

Our Students

When our students feel a part of our academic community they dedicate themselves to their studies, persevere through challenges, and reach success. We celebrate together in their accomplishments.

Our Colleagues

We treat each other with respect, seek opportunities to engage in the work of the department, provide or support leadership, and strive for continuous improvement in our courses and programs.

Our Stakeholders

We welcome interactions with our community, industry, and academic stakeholders. We take ideas under advisement and identify program improvements for the betterment of society.

Our Lives

We encourage healthy lifestyles and respect individual needs to care for our bodies, minds, and souls. Taking care of ourselves allows us to be fully engaged while doing our jobs.

Office Information

Department Chair:
Jamie Paurus

Office Location:
McFarland 138