Virtual Reality

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Jordan Bushaw
Software Engineering
Expected Graduation: May 2017

Baylee Swenson
Software Engineering
Expected Graduation: December 2016

Mentor: Professor Susan Pfeifer
Never let it be said the back of a bus cannot be a productive location. When Baylee and Jordan attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology Conference in October of 2015, they thought it would be an awesome getaway and didn’t really put a whole lot more thought into it. Instead they both ended up with jobs and an undergraduate research project in Virtual Reality (VR).

Microsoft has put a lot of time and energy into advertising for VR, but one of the problems with it is that people still get extremely motion sick from using any VR device for more than a few minutes. Baylee and Jordan developed a theory while they were taking the bus back to the hotel on the third day of the conference (ironically while Baylee was getting motion sick from riding in the back of the bus), what if it is the graphics that cause the motion sickness in people?

Their study is composed of two separate parts. They have participants walk through two identical simulations. Identical, except for the graphics. One simulation is hyper realistic and the other is similar to a Mario World simulation. By running the subjects through both these worlds they, hopefully, will be able to determine if it is indeed the graphics of a game that cause differences in motion sickness.

Past Research Projects

Dallas Petersen
2016 Software Engineering Graduate
Research Title: The Internet of Pi
Mentor:  Dr. Curt Hill

Tarah Cleveland
2016 Software Engineering Graduate
Research Title:  Investigating a New Approach to Web Visitor Engagement Measurement
Mentor: Dr. Razib Iqbal

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Department Chair:
Jamie Paurus

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